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Reliable Vending Machine Supplier in Windsor

Choice Nutritional Foods operates our vending machines across the Windsor/Essex region. We are one of the largest locally owned and operated vending machine suppliers in the Windsor area. Give us a call today
We are here to serve you!

 Why Choose Our Vending Machine Services?

  • Modern, state-of-the-art equipment well-maintained on location
  • Full flexibility of product selection based on employees’ preferences
  • Clean reliable machines
  • Quick response time if a machine is not working properly
  • Option to subsidize employee costs
Vending products

Quality Vending Products

Our goal is to stock your machine with items that your employees want! To better serve you, we conduct a pre-installation survey before a machine is ever placed in your workplace. This allows our staff to gauge the demographics of your environment in order to better meet the needs of your employees. And that’s not all—our prices are extremely competitive too, offering great value for your employees, customers and visitors.

Ready to Choose?

View our complete list of vending machine products.

Vending machine products

Healthy Options for Everyone

Now you can enjoy healthy snacks, beverages and foods like never before! Executive Class Food offers a wide variety of delicious and healthy snacks and beverages including trail mixes, baked chips, fruit bars, granola bars, juices, vitamin waters, teas and water bottles.

Stay Healthy on the Go

We offer quick options for a healthy lifestyle

We Offer Multiple Payment Solutions

Our machines accept coin and cash up to $20 bills. We now have machines that accept credit card, debit card and Apple pay.

payment machine

Looking For an Energy Boost? 

At Executive Class Food, our vending machines have the snacks you’re craving the most. We have a huge variety of chips, cookies, chocolate bars, trail mix, pastries, popcorn and assorted food bars. Whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative or a traditional favourite, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our machines.

Our food machines carry a wide variety of fresh sandwiches, lunch and dinner staples, and healthy choices such as salads, fruit and yogurt, all competitively priced to suit our individual customers’ needs and budget.

Whether your employees love classic pop, vitamin water, sports drinks and water, or are ready to try the newest brand name drinks on the market, we have you covered. We are equipped with modern and reliable Pepsi machines including glass front models.


Contact Us

Are you looking for a reliable vending machine supplier for your office in Windsor? Executive Class Food offers competitive prices and a wide selection of drinks and snacks for every taste and preference. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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Food vending machine 2
Pepsi vending machine

We proudly use products from:

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Hosting an Affair to Remember?

Make sure the catering is exquisite – call Executive Class Food today.

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