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Executive Class Food: Sumptuous Dishes in Windsor

Executive Class Food is pleased to provide Windsor with exceptional catering services. Whether you’re hosting a private party, a public event, an office party, or any other type of event where people expect to be fed, we offer sumptuous options that will please any crowd. Our commitment is to offer world-class catering services at affordable rates so you and your guests can feast without worrying about the price tag.

Serving the Windsor/Essex area, we offer off-site catering services. We even stock vending machines. To schedule a consultation or discuss the catering choices open to you, call us today. We can take care of every detail.

Executive Class Food

4900 Walker Rd,

Windsor, ON N9A 6J3


Phone: 519-969-5860

Toll-Free: 1-877-528-7969

Fax: 519-969-5861






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